About me

Hello! Cześć! Guten Morgen!

I am Damian – small person in large world of IT.

The blog you are reading is in some part way of getting out of the „programmer cave”. Doing things I like, writing abou them, and getting noticed by fellow programmers.

Topics that I am mostly interested in (an also have biggest chance of showing on this blog) are mostly programming and video games. Often these two subjects combined. But as I said before (that thing about leaving „the cave”) – stay tuned for something unexpected.

More about me. I was born in 1994, live, study and work in the city of Olsztyn (that lies in the „land of thousand lakes”, seriously you should totally see at least some of them!). Besides programming and video games i like Tarntino movies, board games and combinations of these with beer.

Enjoy your stay!

If you want to follow me on social media, well these are your options:

Twitter – where I mostly RT „funny” memes

GitHub – where most of my amateur code lies



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