Moving on

So that was pretty lazy weekend for me. I’ve decided to have some kind of reboot. I was watching „Under the dome” and „Vinyl” (amazing shows, totally recommended), reading newest Jaroslaw Grzedowicz book called „HEL3” (with cover reminding me the last DOOM) and hanging out with friends. I desperatly needed that.

So having that out of boat, here is update on the project:

It is not much – if pill does not know the location of need fullfiller it starts moving in random directon, until fullfiller is found. It looks kinda rad to be totally honest. Just like nomads, vagabonds (call them what you will \m/) searching for new place to live.

Still it would be fun, if they searched area in organised way with friends. I will propably focus on that in the next update (or on something completly different), so stay tuned!

Moving on


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