Making game in five or so hours

Yesterday I accomplished something I wanted to do in long time – made (almost) full game in short time.

The game is endless runner, where player controls team of soldiers charging towards enemy.

It’s on GitHub , here.

Game was made in GameMaker.

Now, the question that propably is in your head – Why?

That’s the game design strategy of one of my favourite game designers – Jonatan Söderström (aka. guy who was co-creator of Hotline Miami (Hotline Miami is one of my favorite games FYI)) .

And it kinda works. Putting myself on strict time limit made me focus more on game mechanics. I had only few hours to make something that is engaging. Of course, it’s still a prototype, but prototype that shows basics of a game.

I will work more on that in future.

Making game in five or so hours


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