I’ve just drawn some ugly looking UML diagram.

Well, that was one hell of a clickbait. But let’s get into details, shall we?


I’ve decided, that this time, since goal of the project is to serve people of the internet who want to build their own world of wonders inside of a computer, I need to document whatever I am doing with it.

And yes, I think that means UML too. But since target of this project are developers I need to provide some kind of instruction. It will be in some kind of GitHub wiki I guess.

This week, while developing some code for this project I tested two UML tools.

One of them was StarUML. You can see output of my work bellow.


It is not impressive (never meant to be!). All I really wanted was simple class diagram, to not get lost, and well… It delivers, sort of.  But it requires time and skill, and I am not software analysis specialist.

So I needed something simpler. Luckily though, Visual Studio has cure for my needs.


It can be generated, and updates automatically as I edit the code. So it’s good for what I need right now.

How to make your own? Simply, really:


When it comes to implementation… Well there was some progress, indeed.

There is some basic intelligence implemented already. I’ve made up the following scene:


We have some kind of 3D box, our Pill and lots of grass. Our AI agent has hardcoded two basic needs – food and water. When they decrease bellow some level, he seeks for fulfiller of that need and goes there. That’s kinda it.

I am not going to get into details of the implementation, because you can check them out on my repository.

As the final note – question. How do you come to topic of documenting your code? Do you use UML, or just make notes?

I’ve just drawn some ugly looking UML diagram.


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