Get Noticed 2017 – Let’s get this started!

Here I go again. Maciej Aniserowicz is making his big Get Noticed competition again. I am of course down for it, so I decided to reactive my blog. If you are here the first time – welcome, please enjoy your stay. I will try to post valuable content as often as I can. You may find that most of the content is written in Polish, and sadly it will stay that way for some time.

For people who already know me – i hope you will like new face of my blog.

Okay, if we have greetings out of the board, let’s discuss my project!

Simulation Pills

What is that? Well I am glad you asked.

Computers bring us big power. Power to create living, breathing worlds… Well, sort of. We are still quite limited. But with enugh ammount of skill and hard work it should be possible to create simple world and put there simple „organisms”. It is not going to be perfect mock (like Matrix), but something smaller and simpler (like terrarium).

But why Simullation Pills?



Look at these capsules. What do you think about idea of these capsules being living organisms which are going to be simulated?

Well it actually does not matter, because decission was made. Also that title sounds so cool.

If it comes to my tech stack, I am going to do it with Unity3D, and Visual Studio.

So I think there is really nothing else I can do, than post link to my GitHub repo with source code.

If you want more info about me, there is state-of-art GitHub page answering your questions.


PS. If my broken english hurts your feelings in some way, well everybody started somewhere.

Get Noticed 2017 – Let’s get this started!


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